NMB launches campaign to promote digital banking and financial inclusion


Speaking at the campaign launch in Dar es Salaam yesterday, NMB Managing Director Ruth Zaipuna said the campaign reaffirms her bank’s commitment to the development of financial services in the country while accelerating the credit growth and driving the digital banking agenda.

She said the bank aims to aggressively push the financial inclusion agenda by deepening penetration of the banking sector by bringing services closer to customers at the local level.

“The campaign is part of our long-term vision of strengthening financial inclusion. We will work around the clock to ensure financial and digital inclusion for millions of Tanzanians by closing the unbanked divide and making banking services accessible to all,” she said.

Zaipuna added that his bank would continue to play a critical and indispensable role in the country’s path to economic progress and urged all Tanzanians without bank accounts to take advantage of the campaign.

She said the covid-19 pandemic has forced companies in different sectors to adapt to changes much faster than expected and to introduce new digital initiatives.

“At NMB, we are increasingly focusing on digital and technological solutions to reduce procedural bottlenecks and the current environment is conducive to new solutions that deliver faster, automated and digitized processes,” he said. -she adds.

Earlier, NMB Dar es Salaam Area Manager Donatus Richard said the bank’s campaign comes with added benefits that will help realize the dreams of an economically vibrant and inclusive Tanzania.

“With our digital payment solutions, customers will be able to make payments through NMB Pesa agents without necessarily physically going to the bank,” he said.

He noted that customers of the bank will be able to get instant loans ranging from 1,000/- to 500,000/- without presenting any collateral or collateral.

“We will provide instant loans through the ‘Mshiko Fasta’ product and the terms and conditions are very user-friendly with no guaranteed interest rates. Tanzanians should open a bank account to enjoy the benefits of this campaign,” he said.

He added: “Customers will benefit from fast, secure and seamless access to borrow money easily from their phone, ensuring they are at the forefront of today’s digital banking world. “.

He said the banks’ initiative will help improve access to credit, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that have been excluded from the formal credit market due to the informal nature of their records and lack of collateral for secured loans.

“We are delighted to minimize the complexity of accessing loan offers for them, as they bring much-needed capital to this underserved but vital segment of the market. We understand how important it is for clients to save time and get solutions such as fast cash for emergencies within two minutes of loan application,” he said. .


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